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Budokan/ Happy 20th!

Just wanted to bring this to your attention, in case you were not aware, the pillows will be having a live at Budokan (the arena in Tokyo where many famous bands perform, including western bands)

Probably this is only useful information to people who will be in Japan at that time, but still, it's a fairly nice venue for the band to have - although Yamanaka did not seem to feel like it was that big of a deal (according to a friend's interpretation of a Nagoya newspaper article).

Here's the official 411

(I actually want to go, since I begin my study abroad at that time, but there appear to be no online-ordering places... one suggestion I read was to get a local traveling agency to get one for me... maaaybe.)

Also, their 20th Anniversary CD was released on the 3rd.  

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