Caitlin (splintercat) wrote in the_pillows,

US tour? Anyone?

So who here is going to a Pillows show in the US?

Anyone already been to the Mar. 13 show?

Anyone going to the NYC show (with me!) next week?

Oh, while I'm posting, I might as well ask this - does anyone know what album this song is from? I downloaded it years ago labeled "The Pillows - Flame", but I can't find a song named "Flame" under any of the albums in the Wikipedia discography. I'm wondering if it was mislabeled or if I just can't find it. Anyone recognize it?

Now that my slight OCD is satisfied that my songs are correctly labeled (seriously, I feel a lot better), I thought I'd post an actual Pillows song I sent to someone recently: Moon Margaret, off Penalty Life. I wish I had something rare or cool to share, but I just really like this song right now (I think because I can actually understand some of the lyrics.)
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