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To me it seems like the quality, listenability, or whatever you would call it, of the Pillows songs has declined.
Even though I feel this way I still think that the more modern Pillows songs are better than what 97% of what other bands are delivering.
I've compared the Pillows to the Pixies on this, that while everyone knew that the Pixies album Trompe le Monde was good, everyone knew that it wasn't as good as Doolittle and Surfer Rosa. That is how I feel about the Pillows. And it is all a matter of personal opinion here.
The Pillows have put out an album every year((ish)) for the past three or four years? I find that unnecessary, like their pushing themselves, or something, who knows maybe the Record label is behind it. :/
Its just that when I listen to Hybrid Rainbow or One Life and then listen to New Animal or Scarecrow, I just don't feel the same passion in the newer songs as I do in the Older ones.
Believe me, I love The Pillows to death, they are one of the best bands in the world these days, I just don't want to find myself not wanting to listen to them in the future.
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